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“Growth is never by mere chance,it is the result of forces working together.”-JC Penny

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We have been through Prosperity University 3 times! Every time, we learn more and more about the success principles that God has laid out for us. We have learned so much…our lives have completely changed. We have grown, not just with our personal finances, but in our business as well. Everyone needs to go through Prosperity University.

– Ricky & Lisa Stacey, Trussville, AL

This program is awesome and I highly recommend everyone take it. I was fortunate that our class was a “small group” atmosphere with a few of my closest friends and with a focus on God’s word and what he wants us to do with our money managing skills. It was apparent to many of us in the class that we have a lot to learn, but if we believe and follow God’s word he will lead us to a freedom we have never known.I look forward to many years of working with you to continue my journey in this world to be a better steward of God’s blessings and to manage my finances in a way that will be pleasing to God and afford me a financial freedom that we all seek to find.

– Lisa Holmes, Hoover, AL


I had tons and tons of breakthrough thought and moments during the class and here are a few of my many takeaways……

*for years and years I have been afraid to really LOOK at my money, bank account, what I was spending, what bills were owed, I was a little frivolous with money bills, debt, etc. This class graced me with the mental strength to look at my finances without fear. I sat down and wrote down every credit card interest rate. I used to be so afraid to look at stuff like that and felt so empowered after I did it!

*God has a whole lot to say about money and how David explained the scriptures was enlightening and helpful in breaking mental strongholds about money.

*I learned that me and my husband were schizophrenic in finances ….now we have actually come together, sat down, reconciled and making plans to join together financially and be one force together.

  • Chrissi Burrell

“Teach the wise, and they will be wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn more.”- Proverbs 9:9

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